Happy Birthday Cupcake Bouquet for my Bestie!

It’s a little late posting but I had to share. 

Happy Birthday to Big Red! I have known her since I was a toddler, and that’s a long time. I couldn’t ask for a better person to call my best friend! She is always there and never ask for anything in return. Happy Birthday! 

My sister thought if would be fun to make a cupcake bouquet for her birthday. We got together with our daughters and came up with this beautiful cupcake bouquet. It was very easy to make, the hardest part was baking the cupcakes. 

We took plastic cups for the dollar store and stapled them together. We added green confetti paper grass in each cup. Wrapped it with a ribbon and set the decorated cupcakes in each cup opening. Then we added frosting leaves in between each cupcake, and bingo we were done!

We had fun making the our 1st cupcake bouquet, we decided to make another bouquet for a friends bridal shower party. This one was made with almost 60 mini cupcakes. 

We didn’t stop there, my sister had the idea to shape the cupcakes together as a wedding dress, she’s so smart! 

We make a great team!!

Can’t wait to make more cupcakes creations!

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